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March 18, 2016
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Gotta Believe EP (hard copy)


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Pop songs that are full of soul celebrate Abba Father, the one who gives a voice to the voiceless. He’s a father who loves and believes in His sons and daughters, a father who pours forth faith and hope into our souls. Yeshua is the roar of the Lion of Judah. Let the rhythms of the music, renew your heart.

“Go Tell It”—a modern spin on a classic song with lovely melodies and harmonies sung in Spanish and English. Emmanuel is his name. God is with us.

“The Fire Burns Again”—a pop song that rides on a wave of Rock and Soul with catchy lyrics and a memorable melody. Turn it around. He’s moving in your favor.

“Gotta Believe”—an uplifting song with an energetic melody mixed with the highs and lows of light and rich chords. God’s love is communicated through this song, and in some way you feel as if you’re listening to wedding vows. It takes you on a journey of those ups and downs we all experience in relationships, reminding us that His love can work things out and hold us together during the rough times.

“Rest”—deep guitar sounds and slow drums make up this stirring tune. Mixed with intensely rich vocal chords this soulful pop song has the perfect addition of light harmonies and background vocals. This song takes you on a melodic journey of a person who is tired and weary of the stresses of everyday life. They are reminded of God’s mercy, patience and understanding and know that in His arms is where rest is found for the restless soul.

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